Class 2 – Science Week – Making a Rainbow/Cosmic Slime/Magnetic Superheroes

Class 2 have been enjoying lots of different science experiments this week – they have been making cosmic milk – Milk is a mixture of water, fat, vitamins and minerals. When soap is added to the milk, it helps to separate the water and fat in the milk. As the soap molecules connect to the fat molecules, the molecules of the food colouring get pushed around everywhere resulting in an explosion of colour! As the majority of soap molecules attach to the fat molecules and the soap spreads throughout the milk, the colour explosion will slow and eventually stop.

They have been making Slime – A non-Newtonian fluid is neither a liquid nor a solid. It can be picked up like a solid, but it also will ooze like a liquid. Slime does not have its own shape.

And Magnetic poles – using superheroes and paper clips! And Rainbows – colour separation!